About Me


Greetings! I’m Jen Anson, certified functional nutrition health coach. I help women who have thyroid dysfunction and/ or Hashimoto’s who are overwhelmed by their diagnosis and who would like to feel better but don’t know where to begin.

I am also a mom, wife, college counselor, lover of yoga and all things outside. In addition to my health coaching certification, I hold a M.S. in Counseling and work at an independent school in northern Vermont as a college counselor. I also have Hashimo’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid. Hashimoto’s is the most common autoimmune condition among women, and I know first hand what this condition is like to live with day in and day out.

Through my own research, trial and error and my education at the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, I have found that living well with an autoimmune condition is possible and I am passionate to work with you to help you discover how well you can feel. By using diet , mindset and lifestyle changes, I can help you begin to feel yourself again.